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Confidence Amidst Uncertainty
with Our Confidence Formula

We have developed a process to lead three generations of families "into their zone" -- a place where they can make the most of their lives with confidence in their future and without life sacrifice. We call it our Confidence Formula.

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You Can Have Confidence in Your Future
without Trying to Predict it

Get Into Your Zone

This is Fifteen (15) years of:

  • Staying in your zone and making the most of your life.
  • Monitoring and making measured trade-offs to optimize a goal package.
  • Escaping the risk of failure and capturing excess value.

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You are more than just a number and your success is not determined by a single number in a single moment.

It's a lifetime of numbers.   

Our goals driven monitoring and adjustment process gives you a clearer view of what is possible with your wealth and your life.

You will never again have to choose between a retirement well saved and a life well spent.

Create Your Confidence Formula

Your confidence formula can:

  • Do the work and take the sure money for certain benefit and less risk.
  • Lead you to place your emotions where they can help you and away from where they can hurt you.
  • Establish confidence in your future without knowing what the market
    will ever do and regardless of what it does.
  • Optimize your goal package to maximize the life value of your money.
  • Lead you to make continuous adaptation in real time to “stay in your zone”
    and make the most of your life.

The Young Financial Group Confidence Formula
is designed to...

Help you take control for certain benefit

  • Identify what matters and what you can control
  • Reduce costs and taxes
  • Eliminate unnecessary risk
  • Reduce the investor return deficit

Manage uncertainty to give you confidence

  • Look forward – not back
  • Use probabilities – not predictions
  • Give yourself overwhelming odds of excess
  • Measure effects and adjust to what you control

Make trade offs to a better life

Escape the risk of failure

Capture excess wealth to avoid life sacrifice

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All of our attention
throughout this lifelong process
is on you

Our Team

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To Our Client Advocates

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We believe that planning is a process not a product. Our unique system charts the path from here to where you want to go, and then adapts  dynamically as life and markets change. We work with you to focus on those things you can control and make the decisions along the way to keep you in your comfort zone, confident that you will exceed your goals.

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Our clients seek a work-optional lifestyle. When the time comes that you want to stop the 9-to-5 schedule, we will help you make the choices required (Social Security, pension, Medicare, health insurance) to successfully navigate to that next act.

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Upon achieving their personal goals, many of our clients desire to have a family investment legacy. We will guide you through the process of passing your wealth and values to succeeding generations. 

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We work with many professionals in support of our clients’ needs. Over the years, we have come to trust them for the excellent services they provide. We will introduce you for:

Trusts, wills, power of attorney, tax planning, tax filing, health insurance, Medicare counseling, Medicaid planning, debt management, life insurance, long-term care insurance, disability insurance, banking, and lending.

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Our relationships deserve to be celebrated and we demonstrate our respect for those we serve by providing both educational and entertainment based events. Over the years, our clients have developed many friendships and formed a community.

View our 2023 Client Event Calendar  Here

If you’re interested in any events, please complete the Upcoming Events form and email it to Bonnie Wallis at bwallis@wealthcarecapital.com 

We have three client event categories

Mo Speaks

Each year our founder discusses a topic drawn from his reading list. Whether it be the unique advance that was the American experiment or how to create meaning in your life after retirement, these are some of our most popular annual events. Click here for video of some of our prior presentations.

Client Experiences

Through local events and travel opportunities we enjoy new experiences and have a great time together. Click here to see pictures from some of our adventures.

Charity Events

Every year we select a worthy cause and organize an event around it. It may be recruiting clients to build a house for a deserving family or organizing a football game to benefit the Veteran’s Resource Center. Click here to see some of our prior events.

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As a client, we always enjoy hearing from you.
In the event you have been introduced, you are important to our clients so you are important to us.